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48 Hour Film Competition

Fredericton’s 48 Hour Film Competition challenges local filmmakers to write, shoot, and edit a short film in just 48 hours. In 2018, the competition enters its eleventh year of encouraging local filmmakers and film fans to “imagine it, then get it done.”

The English Department at UNB and the New Brunswick Film Co-op invite all participants from across New Brunswick to compete.

The competition begins on a Friday at 5:00pm when the teams pick up their inspiration package of items that must be included in the film. They then have only 48 hours to deliver a finished short film. It is an intense exercise that pushes the filmmakers to their limits with often amazing results. The resulting short films (under 7-minute) have been from a wide variety of genres, including dark comedies, comedies, thrillers, and even a few musicals. In its first decade , the 48 Hour Film Competition spurred the creation of over 163 new short films, fostered collaborations, and provided a chance for new filmmakers to test themselves and find an audience. Several of the films have even gone on to be featured in North American film festivals.

This year brings more fun, more competition, and more ways to make films fast. Come join in.


48 Hour Film Competition 

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What's Up, Doc?

Coming up on its tenth edition, What's Up Doc? is a socially-conscious initiative pioneered by Frictive's Dr. Matt Rogers involving students from New Brunswick's Anglophone School District West high schools. What's Up Doc? is a program created to give students the tools and film making skills necessary to engage in participatory documentary film making. It aims to provide a platform to give a voice to a demographic whose voice often goes unheard in Atlantic Canada, and to allow them to voice their perspective while examining the social issues that affect their every day lives. To date there has been over forty youth-driven documentary films created, telling the stories that matter to them and illuminating the struggles faced by the youth of today.

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Pink Lobster

New Brunswick's First LGBTQ+ Film Festival

Spearheaded by Frictive's Robert W. Gray, the Pink Lobster Film Festival had its first run in February of 2017. It has established itself as New Brunswick's first and premier LGBTQ+ film festival, devoted to celebrating and bringing the stories of LGBTQ+ communities in not only Canada, but around the world, to audiences in New Brunswick. It has received a very warm welcome from audiences and has attracted attention from filmmakers across the globe. Frictive Pictures looks forward to marking the Pink Lobster Film Festival as an annual tradition in the capital region of New Brunswick.