My Husband's Jump


“My Husband’s Jump” is an adaptation of Newfoundland writer Jessica Grant’s stellar, Journey-prize-winning short story. In it, the wife of an Olympic ski jumper watches her husband jump, but, most peculiarly, this time he does not come down. What unfolds is a storm of people turning to her for answers, seeking to understand how such an impossible thing could happen.



Director: R.W. Gray (IMDb)

Writer: Brittany Lauton


Bonnie Piesse (IMDb) - Hanny

Ian Goff (IMDb) - Horvath

Alexa Higgins (IMDb) - Nelson


Silver Wave Film Festival
Winner: Best Cinematography Best Original Score, Best Production Design / Nominated: Best Short Film, Best Editing

Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival
Winner: Best Short Film, Best Short Screenplay / Nominated: Best Actress, Best Short Film Director, Best Cinematography

Monadnock International Film Festival

Emerge Film Festival


Frictive Pictures